Ever thought about writing on a train for a few days? Me neither. But Amtrak is offering writers a chance to take the long trip of their choice in a private sleeper cabin, with space to make whatever they choose. #AmtrakResidency has a rolling admission process that lasts until March 31, 2015, but there is no reason to wait—there are trains in the station right now, just waiting for you to write the next great novel as the American countryside rolls by.

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But #AmtrakResidency is not the only weirdly wonderful residency. There are many other quirky options for architects and designers: The Arctic Circle Program, is a broad, multidisciplinary residency that takes creative individuals—from architects to writers—on a boat to the Arctic Circle. It is a cold but inspirational way to get a change of venue, while the diverse crowd stimulates discussion and productivity.

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Each summer, artists who are interested in interior decorating and architecture are invited to move in to Indy Island, an installation designed by artist Andrea Zittel. The structure sits on an island in the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park and is customized by every artist who completes the six-week fellowship.


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Fixture giant Kohler Co. is offering use of their facilities, including pottery workshop, iron and brass foundries, and enamel shop, to artists of any discipline through their "Arts/Industry Residency Program." The program allows the development of "a wide variety of work in clay, enameled cast iron, and brass including but not limited to murals and reliefs, temporary or permanent site-specific installations, and functional and sculptural forms."


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There is a very comfortable, year-long residency open to artists of all scales in Roswell, New Mexico, a well-known UFO hunting site—and while the residency is explicitly focused on the Southwest, extraterrestrial enthusiasts would feel right at home here. Or, if particle physics are more your thing, you could make stuff at the particle accelerator in Switzerland, with the opportunity to "interact and engage with CERN scientists in order to take [your] artistic work to new creative dimensions." Swiss architect Jacques Herzog is a patron and supporter of the project, so that could help an architect's chances of winning a spot.


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Some more traditional residencies are available in fantastic locations such as Los Angeles, where theMAK Residency invites artists and architects to move into the R.M. Schindler-designed Mackey Apartments in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood. This residency explores the interaction between art and architecture, with a specific focus on L.A.