Is it just us or are towers getting taller and taller these days? Broad Group, a Chinese developer, recently announced plans to scale up its prefabricated building technology to unparalleled proportions. The proposed Sky City outside Changsha will be the tallest on earth at 838 m or 2,749 ft, just barely inching past the Burj Khalifa in the UAE. And, as if this weren’t astounding enough, the tower will purportedly be assembled on site 90 days.

Between worries about China’s real estate market and safety concerns, not to mention the environmental cost of producing the 270,000 tons of steel needed to erect the structure (that’s about 4.5 Nimitz class aircraft carriers), we’re a bit skeptical of the project’s prospects at being the tallest and greenest tower around.

However, if the builders do pull it off, successfully housing close to 30,000 people with thermally efficient walls, recycled materials, and LED lighting will be quite the accomplishment. Regardless, we did notice a startling similarity to a project underway in New York City, pictured below. Read more about the battle of the bulges here.