Crazy Cave Hotel Near Shanghai: Now Also With A (Glass) Waterfall

This proposed hotel near Shanghai will only top out at 45 feet above ground level, but it will extend a further 19 stories into a series of caves lining an abandoned quarry. Two of these levels will be below the water that now fills the bottom of the man-made depression, lined with aquarium-style glass.

The icing on the bombastic cake is the waterfall that cascades over the edge of the crater past all stories of the building. Of course, this is made of glass, but it makes it seem like the designers (or their clients) ripped the entire project out of a misreading of Elrond’s House in Lord of the Rings. That, or South Pacific.


The proposed building will house the Hotel InterContinental Shimao, and is designed by leading British firm Atkins. At £345 million, the project will be costly, but room rates will surely make up for it. Not only will guests feel like they are in the middle of a sci-fi thriller, they will also have the opportunity to bungee jump from the surrounding precipice. Click to see more pics.

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