With countless supertall structures spontaneously springing up, our world has gained some seriously sky-high square footage. Looking down from these soaring skyscrapers surely causes peoples’ hearts to skip a few beats. And while we admire those bold photographers scaling tall towers to capture the dizzying views from the top, we’re thankful we’re not the ones dangling our legs over the ledge.

Recently, we came across an Italian artist whose cityscapes also give us a little dose of vertigo.

Fabio Giampetro, a Milan-based painter whose works have been exhibited in Rome, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, and the 2011 Venice Biennale, creates trippy bird’s-eye views from the tops of hi-rises in his series “Vertigo.” Each painting consists of monochromatic warping towers that descrendo toward the ground, the perspective diminishing at an exceeding rate.

Giampetro’s expressive technique eerily conjures the same butterflies in your stomach that come from a fear of heights. Click through to see them all!